Klein College of Media and Communication Baccalaureate (B.A.) Degree Requirements

Declaration in Fall 2011 until Summer 2013

The Klein College of Media and Communication (previously known as School of Media and Communications) requires 124-126 credits to graduate; completion of the General Education (GenEd) or the University Core requirements; completion of departmental requirements, including two writing-intensive courses in the major; a minimum of 2.00 GPA, both cumulative and in the major; and completion of a maximum of 71 credits within the school and a minimum of 53 credits outside of the school.

Minimum and maximum credit requirements within each major are listed with the departmental requirements.

Students who are planning to graduate must schedule an official graduation review with an academic advisor and complete the application for graduation one semester prior to the anticipated graduation date.

Program Descriptions

  1. The total number of credit hours at graduation may be greater for some students based on initial placement assessments, transfer evaluations, individual curricular choices, and academic progress.
  2. Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites for any given course or course sequence.

TUJ currently offers two majors under the Klein College of Media and Communication: Communications (declaration in/prior to Summer 2011) and Communication Studies (declaration in/after Fall 2011). See the following major requirement pages for more details: