TUJ Activities

The university sponsors a variety of events and activities throughout the semester, including culture and language exchange programs, day outings, and overnight trips. These activities are designed to cultivate social relations among our diverse university community and advance the university's mission as an international institution in Japan.

Latest News & Updates

6/18 (Sat) – 6/19 (Sun) Gunma Overnight Trip

Wonderful trip to Gunma prefecture, the country side of Japan!    On the first day, we visited the Takasaki Byakue Dai-kannon, a huge statue of a female Buddha at Jigen-in Temple of Takasaki, enjoyed a steam train ride, stopped by the Ikaho Green Farm and explored the city of Ikaho in Gunma.   On the second day, we went to a beautiful shrine, Haruna shrine, attended the workshop where we painted our own Daruma doll.   Then, we walked around Kawagoe city, the historical district in Saitama prefecture!

6/11 (Sat) Odawara Forest Adventure Day Trip

We enjoyed a zip-lining at Forest Adventure, had wonderful soba (buckwheat noodles) for lunch and visited Odawara Castle!   What a fun combination of activities!

6/5 (Sun) Soba Workshop

TUJ students learned how to make soba  (buckwheat noodles) from scratch in a hands-on style session and enjoyed tasting freshly made soba noodles with big smiles on their faces for lunch!





Summer 2016 Activities Schedule & Registration Dates

We hope everyone is having a nice spring break. Just a reminder that activities fill up quickly, so we suggest you check out the Summer 2016 Activities schedule and be sure to register online (first-come-first-serve) to secure your spot.

  • Online registration begins on 5/19 (Thu) 10 a.m.
  • Payments accepted from 5/23 (Mon) 10 a.m.

If activity requires payment, submit exact payment in cash to the Office of Student Services within 3 business days of initial registration* (including the day of registration)

*All payments must be complete before registration deadline regardless of registration timing.

FAQ: http://www.tuj.ac.jp/students/tuj-activities/faq/