Sexual Harassment and Assault

What Is Sexual Harassment?

An unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other expressive, visual or physical conduct of a sexual or gender-motivated nature, when: agreeing to such conduct will bring personal benefit and advantages while disagreeing to such conduct will bring punishment or penalty; or such conduct has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment which interferes with an individual's work and educational performance.

For Example:

  • A professor suggesting to a student that romantic involvement with him/her would improve his/her chances of getting an "A" in the course.
  • A male/female student keeps sending unwanted letters, telephone calls, e-mails of a sexual nature to another male/female student.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Any intentional, unconsented touching, or threat or attempt thereof, of: an intimate bodily part of another person, such as a sexual organ, buttocks, or breast; any bodily part of another person with a sexual organ; or any part of another person's body with the intent of accomplishing a sexual act; or unwanted inappropriate disrobing of another person, or purposeful exposure of one's genitals to another without the other's consent; or forcing; or attempting to force, any other person to engage in sexual activity of any kind without her or his consent.

Sexual assault/harassment is not permitted between any members of TUJ community.

TUJ Policy on Relationships

Any sort of sexual or romantic advance or relationship between a student and faculty member, or a student and administrator, or a supervisor and subordinate is strictly prohibited at TUJ.

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