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February, 2012 (vol. 66)

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TUJ 2012 Career Fair

Over 90 students and alumni from Undergraduate, MBA and Law Programs took part in the annual on-campus career fair held on 9th February. TUJ hosted representatives from companies that run the gamut from consumer products to B2B to finance, including Apple, AXA, Hitachi Chemical, Pfizer and Ricoh.

The representatives gave individual and group presentations in which they showcased their product lines and possible career paths to the students and alumni, who then got the chance to ask questions and show off their own skills in private interviews. One sophomore student mentioned this event was the trigger for him to start thinking about his future career. Some senior students discussed possible interview setup with the representative companies. Students and alumni gave a lot of positive feedback, while the representatives got a taste of TUJ's student and alumni enthusiasm and ambition.

You can check out which companies participated this year's On-Campus Career Fair here.

TUJ launches TUJ Room

As part of the 30th anniversary celebration, TUJ has launched TUJ Room, an interview series to commemorate TUJ's 30th anniversary. Hosted by Midori Kaneko - the chairperson of TUJ's Board of Overseers, TUJ Room will interview special guests on various topics such as business, leadership, importance of education, and globalization to name a few.

TUJ Room volume 1 - Guest: William Bishop.

30th Anniversary Alumni Interviews

TUJ's first commencement ceremony took place in 1984, when we graduated 13 Associate of Art and 8 Master of Education degree students. Since then, the total number of students graduated from TUJ has grown to exceed 4,500. On this page, we invite all our alumni from the last 28 years to share their stories and ideas about the past, present and future of TUJ. Please click here to visit the Alumni Interview section on the 30th Anniversary webpage.

If you are a TUJ alum and want to share your story about TUJ with everyone, please contact us.

Continuing Education:

We are still accepting for Seminars & Workshops in April!

There are still places left for the weekend seminars and workshops, in both Tokyo Center and Osaka Center. Check out the list of seminars and workshops from below pages.

Seminars and Workshops in Tokyo
Seminars and Workshops in Osaka

Remember? A Discount ONLY for ALUMNI!

Entrance fee waiver
25% tuition discount

Contact us at:

Continuing Education Program
E-mail: contedinfo@tuj.temple.edu
Tel: 03-5441-9864 (Tokyo Office)
Tel: 06-6343-0005 (Osaka Office)
Brochure Request: click here

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