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December 21, 2010 (vol. 57)

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Season's greetings from TUJ Alumni Relations Office!

We wish everyone a safe, happy and festive holiday season and look forward to seeing you in 2011!


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The Winter issue of the TUJ Times will be delivered to your mailbox in late December. If you did not receive it or would like to start to receive it, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@tuj.ac.jp and we will get you on the list. Currently TUJ Times mailing is limited to addresses in Japan.

Introducing New TUJ Alumni Card!

In January, 2011, TUJ Alumni Relations Office will launch the new TUJ Alumni Card. All TUJ alumni are eligible to receive the Card, which gives you access to various alumni benefits. The Card can be obtained by filling out the application form online or at the Information Center at Azabu Hall. Walk-in issuance will be discontinued. For more information, please visit our website.


3 months, 10 papers, and the whole world coming to help

TUJ students have demonstrated once more how internet technology can change learning. Faced with the challenge of designing and publishing 10 psychology experiments in only 3 months, students of the TUJ class "NMIC4030 - Artificial Intelligence and Sound" (School of Communications and Theater) have set up a website so that they could get some help from... pretty much anybody else in the world! Powered with software from University of Southern California's Institute for the Future of Book, the website allows anyone to comment and debunk the students' writings - so far, the class has received feedback from a crowd as varied as a Science-published psychologist from the UK, a start-up CEO from South Africa, a lawyer from Switzerland, and a whole class of Psychology students from Temple's Philadelphia campus. "It's great," jokes Prof. J.J. Aucouturier. "I don't even have to teach them anymore. I just sit and watch!".

Continuing Education:

What are your goals for 2011?

Have you set your goals for 2011? If not, how about improving your people skills?

Many people enjoy meeting and dealing with people but we all know it can be quite difficult sometimes. These difficulties, however, can be turned into great opportunities for building strong relations with your boss, colleagues and clients if managed successfully.

Here are some examples of courses that may help you gain people skills applicable to any industry.

And don't forget. These courses will all count toward the Human Resources Certificate which you can add to your cv. Click here to learn about our Certificate Programs.

In the Chinese/Japanese calendar, 2011 is the rabbit year. We hope our courses will help you jump to the next level! We wish you a wonderful holiday season and we hope to see you in our classes in 2011!

Remember - A Discount ONLY for ALUMNI!

Entrance fee waiver
25% tuition discount

Contact us at: Continuing Education Program

E-mail: contedinfo@tuj.temple.edu
Tel: 03-5441-9864

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