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June 24, 2010 (vol. 53)

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2010 TUJ Commencement

Opening remarks by TUJ Dean Bruce Stronach

TUJ held its 2010 commencement ceremony on June 6 at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo. This year, the commencement recognized the achievements of 234 students in the class of 2010, including undergraduate and graduate programs. The ceremony was held as a continuation of the 123rd commencement of Temple’s main campus in Philadelphia on May 14. The Commencement was attended by seven delegates from the main campus headed by President Ann Weaver Hart and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Patrick J. O’Connor, together with Mr. Phillip P. Hoffman, Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs at the US Embassy.

The graduates were honored in speeches by President Hart and Minister-Counselor Hoffman. They congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments and wished them continued success in the future. Midori Kaneko, chairperson of the TUJ Board of Governors and General Manager–Communication of GE Healthcare Asia Pacific, gave the ceremony’s keynote address to the graduates, “What it takes to be truly successful in your future development are: Leadership, Ownership and Citizenship. She concluded her speech with, "The world is expecting a lot from you!"

TUJ annual fundraiser ends in success

June 5, 2010 was a night to remember at TUJ at the Hotel New Otani where many that supported came and joined in raising funds for TUJ. TUJ Diamond Club had its first anniversary party after being launched on June 6, 2009 at the Grand Hyatt. A night filled with friends and family of TUJ. With over 65 people including alumni, parents, students, friends, Board of Governors of TUJ in support with President Hart and the 3 Trustees (Chairman Pat O' Connor; Trustee Chip Marshall; and Trustee Luo) we were able to raise funds to continue to grow TUJ and its programs. The event was highlighted with a strong speech from President Hart on the tremendous potential of TUJ and also the expanding reach of Temple in China.


TUJ to launch Japanese language major

TUJ will launch a new major in Japanese Language from the Fall Semester in 2010. The new major will break important new ground by enabling students pursuing a U.S college degree to spend their entire four years of study in Japan, developing their Japanese language proficiency.

This new development highlights TUJ's proactive response to the needs of its students and the wider global community for skilled international human resources. TUJ continues to produce truly international graduates, representing a diverse selection of nationalities from around the world equipped with multilingual skills, professional knowledge, and the capacity for critical thinking.

In memoriam - Peter CastagnaroIn memoriam - Peter Castagnaro

Professor Peter Castagnaro, a long-time AEP instructor at TUJ, passed away on May 17 at the age of 71. Native of Massachusetts, Peter earned an M.Ed. in TESOL from TUJ before joining the University in 1998 and taught academic preparatory English for more than ten years. Over the years, he touched the lives of many of his students and colleagues and his passing away is deeply mourned by the TUJ community.

Continuing Education:

TUJ’s Continuing Education classes featured on TV!

NHK channel 1 will feature the Continuing Education Shiatsu class on its prime time program called Iki-dane! Watashi-no Tokyo Jikan on July 2nd (Friday, 20:00) and shown again the following day July 3rd (Saturday, 10:30). The show features different parts of Tokyo each week. This time, they plan to highlight "Azabu-Juban and its spirit of internationalism" by introducing different schools/classes taught by international teachers. The Basic Shiatsu course is taught by Sandy (Alexander) Woodburn, a Canadian who is a certified Anma, Massage and Shiatsu Therapist. TUJ may (or may not) be mentioned in the program, but the information will be archived on their website, where TUJ will be listed with a link to our website.

BS Asahi's Stylebook program is about different lifestyles in Japan. This time, it's theme centers on Japanese male professionals seeking to advance their careers through continuing education programs. The show features an alumnus (Takashi Watanabe) taking Business Negotiation classes at TUJ’s Continuing Education program and a fun class on singing and voice projection. The show will be aired on July 10 (Saturday, 23:30). Please note that you need a digital TV to watch BS Asahi.

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