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February 24, 2010 (vol. 49)

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Cybermdedia class virtually collaborates with Legrand

With all the business models of their industry going out the window (think napster & ipods), independent musicians have to find new ways to promote their music. These are uncertain but exciting times, of which TUJ has just positioned itself at the forefront. 19 students enrolled in the "Introduction to Cybermedia" class (SCT) are currently working with hip hop rising star Legrand from Philadelphia, to attract new fans in. virtual reality, using the internet world of "Second-Life"! "I'm blown away by the enthusiasm and creativity of the students", says Prof. JJ Aucouturier who teaches the class. "Every day of class, we get an exhilarating feeling that what we're doing is completely new, and potentially game-changing. But that's what universities are here for, after all". Follow the project at http://www.linsl.info and the twitter hashtag #linsl.

Psychology student to present at international conference

TUJ Psychology Major Amanda Becker will be presenting a research paper at the International Workshop on Kansei, a design conference in Fukuoka this February 22-23, 2010. Amanda's research, which was supervised by Prof. JJ Aucouturier, investigates the emotional responses to various colors used in the design of a new model of surgical mask. Other co-authors on the paper are Dr. Celine Mougenot, a cognitive science researcher in the University of Tokyo and Prof. Toshimasa Yamanaka, Professor of Design in the University of Tsukuba. The paper can be accessed online.

Yasai dining at Kassai

Izakaya Kassai in Akasaka is a new venture of Masanori Nakayama, BA 04. This cozy izakaya in Akasaka focuses on carefully selected seasonal vegetables as well as a variety of sake, shochu and fruit liquor. And of course, it offers some izakaya favourites too. "I want to provide a space with a relaxed atmosphere where people can casually stop by for a drink after work," says Masanori. More details here (Japanese only).


New Development Officer joins the team

We would like to welcome Saumil Shah, the new Development Officer at TUJ. Sam graduated from St. Mary's International School in Tokyo and got his Bachelor's in Arts from San Diego State University. With over 6 years of experience in Development with San Diego State University, gleaned from his work with development in non-profit organization. Saumil has commited himself with increasing the value of education and will liaise with the alumni to expand the TUJ name. Please join us in welcoming him to TUJ and wish him best of luck.

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