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May 27, 2009 (vol. 44)

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Gala Event to Launch TUJ Diamond Club

As a full-service American university, TUJ offers an international education of remarkable quality and serves as a model for international institutions of higher education all over the world.

There has never been a greater demand for the kind of international education TUJ offers, or a greater need for support from visionaries like you. That's why TUJ is proud to announce the establishment of the TUJ Diamond Club, a new platform for giving that entitles you to great membership benefits suitable for this prestigious circle of TUJ supporters. TUJ Diamond Club members will empower the next generation by advancing brilliance one gift at a time, and benefit from TUJ programs designed exclusively for them.

Seventy-five guests will help us celebrate the TUJ Diamond Club's launch at an exclusive gala dinner-"DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS!"-at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo on June 6. We hope you'll be there to enjoy this dazzling evening of fabulous diamonds, great friends and the chance to win amazing prizes. You might even be the one to discover a stunning loose diamond in your glass of Dom Pérignon champagne!

To inquire about tickets to "DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS!" and learn more about the TUJ Diamond Club, please contact Holly Helt at tujdiamondclub@tuj.temple.edu.

The Friday Afterhours Club Is Migrating!

Although The Nakameguro Taproom has been a great venue for the Friday Afterhours Club (FAC) thanks to both its tasty brews and atmosphere, the FAC flock is migrating. Following a short hiatus in May, the club will switch to the Rigoletto Bar and Grill. Located on the fifth floor of the West Walk in Roppongi Hills, Rigoletto offers homemade tapas and an intriguing mix of wines, beers and other potables. FAC's timing will change as well, to the FIRST FRIDAY of the month. The initial outing after the break is set for June 5, just in time to kick off the graduation weekend.


TUJ Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Musashi University and Musashi High School

The four MOU signatories (from left): Headmaster Motoo Yamazaki of Musashi Senior and Junior High School; Musashi University President Kazuyuki Hirabayashi; Musashi Gakuen Chancellor Dr. Akito Arima; and TUJ Dean Bruce Stronach

During a late April ceremony at Musashi University campus, TUJ signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Musashi University and Musashi Senior and Junior High School to collaborate on various academic programs, initiatives and exchanges.

The MOU establishes two primary aims. One is to create a program that enables Japanese students to acquire the language and academic skills they need to study international liberal arts in English at the university level. The second is to provide more diverse opportunities for foreign students to study about Japan in both languages. This MOU also promises to lead to cooperative efforts between the three parties in research, as well as academic symposiums and cultural events to show the fruits of that research and reciprocal use of each other's libraries and other facilities.

In addition, TUJ and Musashi University are exploring the possibility of creating a credit-exchange program, with a view to introducing a double-degree program.

Design Festa Gallery Showcases TUJ Student Exhibitions

TUJ students (from left): Kona, Jay and Keith

Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku hosted two compelling exhibitions by TUJ students during April. Professors Irene Herrera and Ron Carr organized "Reflective Images: A Collection of Student Visual Media Work" for their spring 2009 "Tokyo Stories" and "Documentary Filmmaking" classes, respectively. The resulting collection of digital filmmaking and photography incorporated text, images and recordings to document facets of the cultural and visual anthropology of various Tokyo neighborhoods.

"The students-many of them first-time filmmakers-were under tremendous pressure to complete documentaries within a single semester," Carr commented. "The results were overwhelmingly positive, with short films reflecting a variety of subjects, styles and insights."

Prof. Aucouturier sets up the Second Life show

The second exhibition, entitled "Second Life and the Future of the Music Industry," was organized by Professor Jean-Julien Aucouturier and his cybermedia class and involved three months of field study and research by 15 students into the virtual world of Second Life. Each student provided a personal perspective on Second Life through images, sounds, videos and interviews. Journalists and people involved in the virtual world and entertainment industries were on hand to view their work.

"I think we struck a chord-the subject is attracting a lot of attention these days," Aucouturier says. "I'm proud of my students. Putting an exhibition together in such limited time is a real challenge, and I'm glad they pulled it off. Some of the research we displayed is of extremely high quality."

Tokyo, Rome, Philadelphia: A Tri-Campus Digital Photography Project

The spring art exhibition featured work from three Temple campuses

The 2009 spring semester art exhibition held in mid-April at Azabu Hall featured the fine work of TUJ art students and something unprecedented: "ON LOCATION-Digital Photography Project by Temple University Students," an international photography exchange between Temple's Philadelphia, Rome and Tokyo campuses.

About 80 photos from 25 student contributors in Tokyo, 20 in Rome, and 6 in Philadelphia were displayed, with each student presenting from one to three photos. "This was a trial run," Prof. Shinya Watanabe noted. "It wasn't easy to organize three campuses, but I hope to continue the project next year and beyond."

TUJ MBA Alumni Association Report:

The TUJ MBA Alumni Association was established in June 2008 to promote networking, camaraderie and support among alumni and current MBA students. The association receives support from the Dean's Office of the Fox School of Business, and has a long-term goal of building a global support network for all Fox School MBA alumni. The greater vision is to make the association a noteworthy philanthropic organization.

Since its launch, the association has hosted three alumni-student dinners featuring a special guest at each-Dr. James Portwood, Prof. Boris Iglewicz, and Dean Bruce Stronach, respectively-and has also held several meetings to plan such events and other activities.

One of the association's key activities for 2009 is putting on the First Annual MBA Alumni Gala this coming June 13. The aims are to bring all our MBA alumni together in a celebration of solidarity and networking, and to raise funds for a new alumni-sponsored MBA scholarship. Another key initiative is to give current students some perspective on the value of an MBA education and how to leverage it in Japanese corporate life. The association is also working with Fox School Dean M. Moshe Porat and Assistant Dean Michael Burton to expand contact to all Fox School alumni.

If you're one of TUJ's MBA alumni, please join us at upcoming speaker dinner events and networking socials. For more information on what's being planned, please contact Ms. Jacqueline Osawa at osawa@tuj.ac.jp.

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