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February 25, 2009 (vol. 41)

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Alumni Association Year of the Ox Kick-Off Party

We hope you survived all those bonenkai and shinenkai and rang in the New Year in style, and that 2009 is going well for you. The Alumni Association is ready to get it all started again, kicking off the Year of the Ox with our first official meet-and-greet at Bar 57 on February 28. This will be a casual, no-frills evening to catch up with friends and find out what's in store for the association during 2009. Join us for an evening of fun and relaxation!

Date & Time
Saturday, February 28, from 6 to 8 p.m.
Bar 57 (bar counter and island area)
B1F 4-2-35 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Access)
No cover charge; pay-as-you-go food and drinks


TUJ Concludes Agreement on 2009 Minato Citizens' University

Director William Swinton describes recent challenges in the Japanese business world during the 2008 Minato Citizens' University series

TUJ finalized an agreement this month with Minato City subsidiary Kissport on the next English-language Minato Citizens' University series. Part of the 2006 cooperative agreement with Minato, the series features presentations by TUJ professors and is meant to show the community what Tokyo's universities are teaching. Kissport had already sealed similar pacts with other Tokyo universities, including Keio, Meiji Gakuin, and the Shibaura Institute of Technology.

The first program in 2007 examined Japanese domestic and international politics, as well as Japan's economy and society. In 2008, three experts gave nearly 200 attendees insights into Japan's international relations, legal system, and recent challenges in Japanese business. The 2009 series, set to run from May to June, is now being planned.

ICJS Presents: Lessons from Japan for the Current Economic Crisis

The Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ICJS) presented an event on January 19 entitled "Lessons from Japan for the Current Economic Crisis," featuring Akio Mikuni and Tsukuba University professor R. Taggart Murphy. Mikuni founded and runs Mikuni & Company, Japan's only independent, investor-supported credit rating information service on large domestic firms. Murphy teaches MBA students at Tsukuba's Tokyo campus, specializing in the intersection of politics and finance. The two co-authored Japan's Policy Trap, which won a 2002 Association of American Publishers Professional and Scholarly Publishing Award for Economics. Mikuni and Murphy explained the interlocking relationship between the U.S. and Asia, and stressed that solving the current economic crisis will require major changes in U.S., Japanese and Chinese economic policy.

Sakurako Oshima Publishes Third Book

TUJ alum Sakurako Oshima (B.A. '93) has just published her third book, Business E-Mail in English Made Easy, giving businesspeople a comprehensive reference guide on writing effective English-language business e-mail. Major publisher Kadokawa SS Communications released the paperback, which offers a lot of content-238 pages-at a price of just 820 yen.

A corporate English trainer and E-to-J interpreter and the director of office b.i., an English education service, Sakurako hopes businesspeople find the book a practical source of inspiration for their international communications. She's now hard at work on her fourth book, currently scheduled for a November 2009 release. sakurako@officebi.com / http://www.officebi.com

TUJ Friends News:

TUJ's Furry Friends George and Jasmine Visit Hospital Patients

George and Jasmine mingling with senior patients at Furukawabashi Hospital

George and Jasmine belong to Holly Helt of External Relations, but you may have trouble convincing the patients at Minato's Furukawabashi Hospital about that. The furry pair first visited the hospital in September 2008, and they proved so popular that the hospital staff requested monthly visits. They're pros, by the way: George, a 15-year-old male "super-deluxe mutt," and Jazzy, a seven-year-old female Australian dingo and Chow Chow mix, are both certified therapy dogs. Holly brought them with her to Tokyo from New York City in 2007.

The dogs made their second visit on January 14. The senior patients were clearly delighted to see George and Jazzy again, petting them and feeding them snacks as well as watching them perform tricks.

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