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January 28, 2009 (vol. 40)

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TUJ Career Fair Spring 2009 - Participants Invited

The TUJ Career Development Office (CDO) organizes two on-campus career fairs every year. The first one for 2009 is set for St. Patrick's Day, March 17. If you're a TUJ grad looking to hire young talent with bilingual skills, the CDO welcomes the chance to host your firm at the fair. To let us know you're interested in participating, please submit this application form by February 27. If you're a TUJ alumnus searching for a new career challenge, we encourage you to attend as well. For more information, please email the CDO at career@tuj.temple.edu.

Date & Time
Tuesday, March 17, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
TUJ Mita Hall, Room 503 and 504 (Access)

Boost Your Skills in 2009

TUJ's Continuing Education program is a great way to pick up marketable new skills, make business contacts, and meet new friends. We're still accepting applications for the spring semester on a space-available basis, so check out our course lineup here and register now!

Seminars and Workshops
Continuing Education's short seminars and workshops help you quickly grasp the essentials on hot topics and delve into specific areas of interest. Tactics for Successful Negotiations and a Self-Leadership Seminar are just two the possibilities. Be sure to check out the other worthwhile workshops being offered as well.

For more information

As a TUJ alumnus, you're exempt from paying the 10,500-yen entrance fee, and receive a 25 percent break on tuition, too.


Dean Stronach Joins Osaka University Advisory Board

Dean Bruce Stronach has been named to the International Affairs Board of Osaka University. He will visit the university on February 5 to receive official recognition of his new status and to give a presentation entitled "Practical English, Impractical English, and the Competitiveness of Japanese Universities."

Established in 1931 as Japan's sixth imperial university, Osaka University is one of the country's most prestigious national educational institutions. The Board oversees international affairs for the school and promotes international academic exchange through comprehensive planning, policy formulation and coordination.

Temple's Adelaide Ferguson Steps Down

Adelaide at TUJ's 2008 commencement ceremony

Interim Vice President for International Affairs Adelaide Ferguson retired from Temple University on December 31. With Temple since 1988, Adelaide has served at various times as associate university counsel, assistant vice president for international programs, and assistant dean for graduate and international programs at the Beasley School of Law. As interim vice president of international affairs during the last year, she set up the university's first comprehensive Office of International Affairs.

Adelaide has worked closely with TUJ and been a constant supporter for 21 years. She is moving on to a second career involving human rights. We wish her the best in her future undertakings!

Temple Kicks Off 125th Anniversary Celebrations

This year Temple University begins celebrating 125 years of providing students with outstanding educations and its major contributions to science, medicine, business, the region's economy and much more.

Founded in 1884 by Dr. Russell Conwell, Temple is a comprehensive public research university with more than 37,000 students, 17 schools and colleges, and a distinguished faculty. It is the 28th-largest university in the United States and the nation's fifth-largest center of professional education. A series of events will be held throughout 2009 in Philadelphia to commemorate the university's 125 years of innovation.

Temple Prof. Iglewicz Analyzes World Financial Meltdown

Professor Iglewicz does the numbers on cars and the economic crisis

MBA alumni Levent Dimci and Tomoko Tanabe with current student Masanori Nagaya

Temple University Statistics Professor Boris Iglewicz was the featured speaker at an MBA alumni dinner at Fujimamas on December 5. He explained to current and former students how statistical analysis could reveal the genesis of the current economic crisis and illustrate the problems facing U.S. automakers.

Professor Iglewicz related these problems to the concept of standard deviation: the smaller the deviation, the more precisely we can predict a given outcome. He noted, for example, that many financial institutions lost sight of standard deviation-and uncertainty in general-in their investment strategies. They came to view large returns as a sure thing, and did not plan for outcomes that differed from their expectations. He also indicated that Japanese automakers have reduced the standard deviation of quality of their cars, outperforming U.S. automakers-one big reason U.S. consumers have turned to Japanese cars.

TUJ Alum and Photojournalist Kazuma Momoi in Commercials

A plant found atop of Mount Roraima in the Guiana Highlands

Globetrotting photojournalist Kazuma Momoi was part of TUJ's first graduating class. In 1995, Kazuma won the 32nd Taiyo Award, considered a stepping-stone for photographers. More recently, he appeared in two Canon TV commercials, carrying his favorite Canon EOS camera, during a three-hour TV Asahi documentary on the Amazon River and Guiana Highlands. Kazuma was shown photographing the scene from a helicopter and while wandering in the deep jungle of the Guiana Highlands.

Kazuma has toured more than 130 countries during his career. He specializes in revealing facets of armed conflicts and global environmental issues. Currently he is working on "Project G-Odyssey," a visual archive of Earth's many environments.

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