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September 23, 2006 (vol. 12)

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Alumni Reunion 2006 Set for October 17

Wondering what's going on with your former classmates and fellow TUJ grads? TUJ's annual alumni reunion party, scheduled for Tuesday, October 17 at the Tokyo American Club, is the perfect place to find out. As usual, TUJ is supporting the event, but this year, the new TUJ Alumni Association will be hosting and running the show. All TUJ and TU alumni currently living in Japan are invited. You have already received an invitation by mail, but the info about the event is readily available here. Don't miss this great opportunity to meet your TUJ friends and faculty members and some new people as well!

MBA Alumni Special Lecture and Reception
"Feed Forward: Future Perspectives for Global Businesses"

Dr. James Portwood from Temple University's Fox School of Business will lead an interactive session on the future of global businesses on Tuesday, October 10 at 7 p.m. on the fifth floor of TUJ's new Mita Hall. Dr. Portwood regularly writes on business topics for the Academy of Management Journal, Human Resource Planning, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and other leading journals. The goal of this gathering is to make you a more discerning consumer of information, and you'll have a chance to discuss both global and regional trends on topics that include Japan in the global context, Japan vs. China vs. India, and multinational vs. global. The event is free, and a networking reception follows. Application for this event is now closed.

Law School Alumni Gathering and Fall Semester Party

Calling all Temple University Law School alumni! Please join us on Thursday, November 2 for an evening of food, friends, and fun. We'll be honoring you and other alumni from the law school's twelve years in Japan and celebrating the 2006 fall semester with current TUJ law students. The festivities begin at 6:30 p.m. on the fifth floor of Mita Hall, and there will be catered food and drink along with tours of the new building running throughout the evening. We will be emailing you an invitation in the next few weeks, but please contact the law school if you want more details now.

Career Fair Fall 2006 and Hiring TUJ Graduates

The Career Development Office will be holding its Fall Career Fair on Wednesday, October 18, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Mita campus. Representatives from Japanese and multinational companies will be on campus to meet with current students and alumni to discuss career opportunities at their respective companies. These companies are eager to meet people with the potential to become significant assets to their firms. Alumni are welcome to attend, and there is no need to register.

Since TUJ is now producing record numbers of undergraduates, there are more of them for TUJ alumni like you to hire. You can contact the Career Development Office (call 03-5441-9800 or email career@tuj.temple.edu) for more information on securing TUJ grads for your firm.


Another Generous Ogasawara Foundation Gift

The TUJ library has long wanted to add a critical block of The Japan Times covering the years from 1930 to 1951 to its collection. These issues from the wartime and immediate postwar eras are highly prized by faculty and students alike. Budget limitations, however, had previously prevented TUJ from obtaining them.

TUJ recently appealed to The Ogasawara Foundation for help, and the foundation generously donated 1 million yen, allowing us to purchase the collection on microfilm. The foundation has made many similar contributions to TUJ, including providing funds to improve our biology lab and to train faculty members in IT. Mr. Toshiaki Ogasawara, the director of the foundation and chairman of The Japan Times, is a member of the TUJ Board of Governors and a strong TUJ supporter. TUJ is extremely grateful to Mr. Ogasawara and the foundation for this invaluable new addition to our library.

English Program for Minato Students a Hit

This summer, TUJ offered its first English-language program for Minato City junior high students, and the results were highly positive. The five-day language program is one of several projects TUJ and Minato agreed to pursue in the cooperative agreement signed in May, and TUJ provided the course to the city at a special discount. The city introduced the program to its 10 public junior high schools, and 22 students enjoyed learning English with TUJ's experienced teachers and international students. The attendees' parents paid the tuition this time around, but the program was such a success that the city is considering covering the costs next year.

TUJ's Newest Dormitory Opens

TUJ has opened a third student dormitory, Sakura House Ontake-san, to accommodate rapidly growing enrollment. The new dorm is primarily meant to house the many students coming to us from the United States and other countries. Located near Ontake-san Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line, Sakura House Ontake-san is approximately fifty minutes from TUJ via public transportation. It houses over sixty students, all in private rooms, and offers a lounge area, kitchen, shower rooms and laundry facilities. The dorm officially opened this fall and is already nearly booked.

Dr. Kingston Publishes First Book in Japanese

Dr. Jeffrey Kingston, director of the TUJ Asian Studies Undergraduate Program, is a well-known author of insightful books about contemporary Japanese history. Until now, however, he has published only in English. Kokka saisei (Hayakawa, 2006), his first book in Japanese, focuses on how the Japanese are responding to the challenges confronting their nation in the 21st century.

According to Dr. Kingston, the media portrays Japan as a stagnant society, but their analysis overlooks sweeping reforms that are transforming Japan. He lists four keys to Japan's rejuvenation: greater transparency; the shift from the rule by law to the rule of law; a more vibrant civil society; and women creating an environment that enables women to balance home and work responsibilities.

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