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August 25, 2006 (vol. 11)

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ICJS Presents Symposium on Yasukuni

Japan's controversial Yasukuni Shrine will be the focus of an academic symposium presented by TUJ's Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ICJS) on Sunday, September 24 at the Tokyo American Club.The symposium will take up sensitive issues associated with the shrine such as nationalism and how the past is remembered and taught.

The symposium starts off with the screening of a documentary film about the shrine. Two panel discussions will follow, featuring well-known scholars who include John Nelson, associate professor of the University of San Francisco; Gerald Curtis, Burgess Professor of Political Science, Columbia University; and Kazuhiko Togo of Tamkang University, the grandson of wartime foreign minister, Shigenori Togo. For more information on this conference, please contact us.

TUJ Offers 10 Million yen in MBA Scholarships

The TUJ MBA program has announced that it will begin offering scholarships totaling 10 million yen on an annual basis, with the first round of stipends to be awarded in September 2006. The new scholarships are classified into six categories: Dean's Scholarship (1,000,000 yen), College Scholarship (co-sponsored by Amway Japan Limited 500,000 yen), Young Leaders Scholarship (250,000 yen), Innovation Scholarship (500,000 yen), JET Alumni Program Scholarship (500,000 yen), and Women Mean Business (500,000 yen). The MBA START@Temple program allows students to begin studying at any time, and current and potential MBA students may apply for the scholarships in April, August, and December each year. For more information, visit http://www.tuj.ac.jp/mba.


Midsummer Fun at TUJ Alumni Association's Second Party

More than thirty people joined the Alumni Association's second party which took place at T.G.I. Friday's in Roppongi on July 22. Attendees obviously enjoyed meeting old and new friends from the undergraduate program to the law program, and there was a diverse mix of ages and nationalities very much in keeping with TUJ's international atmosphere. The Alumni Association is planning more events and looking forward to building a great Temple alumni community.

Temple Law School Continues Training Japanese Lawyers in Trial Advocacy

This summer, TUJ offered its first English-language program for Minato City junior high students, and the results were highly positive. The five-day language program is one of several projects TUJ and Minato agreed to pursue in the cooperative agreement signed in May, and TUJ provided the course to the city at a special discount. The city introduced the program to its 10 public junior high schools, and 22 students enjoyed learning English with TUJ's experienced teachers and international students. The attendees' parents paid the tuition this time around, but the program was such a success that the city is considering covering the costs next year.

Teacher Training Workshops for Minato City

TUJ held three days of training workshops for Minato City teachers from July 31 to August 2. The workshops, hosted by Minato City's Board of Education and TUJ's College of Education, are a part of the cooperative agreement TUJ and the city signed in May. In the morning workshop, well over a dozen English teachers from the city's public junior high schools joined the workshop and learned how to improve their skills in team teaching as well as in teaching listening and speaking. The afternoon workshop for elementary school teachers was especially popular because English-language education in Minato's elementary schools started this April. About thirty teachers also learned about pronunciation and how to teach English using storytelling.

TUJ Online Course Registration Debuts

TUJ has recently introduced a system that allows undergraduate students to register for courses online via Owlet, which is part of the TUportal. Once the registration period begins, students can view descriptions of the courses available, as well as the instructors, schedule, room numbers and other relevant information. Students can then add courses to their schedules and drop or change them online as needed up until the registration period ends. Before now, students had to come to the TUJ's Registrar's Office to sign up for classes.

Japanese-Language Programs Expanded

Recognizing just how many new non-Japanese students TUJ was attracting, we have introduced a minor in Japanese language (worth 18 credits) and a Certificate of Specialization in Japanese (worth 20 credits) in May. The minor emphasizes language study while also acknowledging the importance of learning about Japan through work in fields such as literature, history, anthropology, religion, and geography and urban studies. The Certificate of Specialization in Japanese coursework focuses on learning language skills and developing a strong foundation for the effective use of Japanese socially and professionally.

Corporate Education trains Delegation from Romania

Representatives of TUJ's Corporate Education program conducted a training session July 25-27 for a group of 16 business executives from Romania. The course-equested by OK Service Corporation, Romania's oldest and largest training organization-focused on executive coaching, operations management, and customer relationship management. Participants also enjoyed communicating with TUJ's International MBA students in an informal setting. CE trained a group of public- and private-sector business people organized by OK Service last year as well, and is exploring the possibility of sending instructors to hold similar training sessions in Romania. Any TUJ alumni with corporate training inquiries are encouraged to either contact Jeff Kanemoto (kanemoto@tuj.ac.jp) or Minoru Ohki (ohki@tuj.ac.jp), or to visit www.tuj.ac.jp/ce for further information.

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