25th Anniversary Special Alumni Reunion


Please transfer ¥5,500 per attendee by October 15 to:

Mizuho Bank, Kamiyacho Branch
Account Number:
Ordinary Savings 2452892
Account Holder:
Temple Educational Support*

  • Please list the name(s) of all those attending in "Note" when you make your bank transfer.
  • * Some Internet banking services will list the account holder's name as テンプルキョウイクサポートサービス(ユ in hankaku katakana or as TEMPLE EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES, LTD., in English.


The results of our recent survey on your favorite TUJ professors have been tabulated, and we're happy to inform you that several instructors you named, including the following, are planning to join us at the 25th Anniversary Special Alumni Reunion.

  • Edwin Aloiau (TESOL, IELP)
  • Roger Buckley (Undergraduate)
  • William Clark (Undergraduate)
  • Roman Cybriwsky (Undergraduate)
  • Patrick Rosenkjar (TESOL, Undergraduate, IELP/APP)
  • Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu (Undergraduate)
  • Sidney Weeks (Law)
  • Michael Williams (Undergraduate, IELP)

Please note that their attendance is subject to changing schedules and circumstances.