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TUJ students selected to participate in a round table discussion on Girls Education with first ladies Michelle Obama and Akie Abe

March 24, 2015

TUJ students Shoko Ito and Aiko Shigeta were selected with 18 other college and high school students for a round table discussion at the Joint Japan - U.S. Event on Girls Education hosted by first lady Akie Abe with a speech by first lady Michelle Obama. The event took place at the Iikura Guest House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, March 19.
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Temple University, Japan Campus’ Executive MBA program upgraded — new curriculum allows 18-month completion

February 18, 2015

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has changed its Executive MBA program (EMBA) curriculum to allow students to complete the program in 18 months instead of two years. The new cohort started in January. The course contents have also been upgraded to focus more on practical applications. Temple University Fox School of Business Global Executive MBA courses had been offered with different schedules at five locations worldwide including TUJ and the US Main Campus. This curriculum integration now enables students to earn the degree faster and the opportunity to take courses at different locations.
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Temple University’s Harrisburg and Japan Campuses to offer international collaborative nonprofit training program supported by the US-Japan Foundation

January 8, 2015

Building from two successful nonprofit management training programs, Temple University Harrisburg and Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) are joining forces to offer a special program on International Collaboration on Nonprofit/ NGO Management (ICNM-1). This collaborative program offered in January and June of 2015 aims to provide international training and leadership development to both nonprofit professionals and community members interested in the work of nonprofits in the U.S. and Japan. This course is being supported by a grant from the United States-Japan Foundation
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US Ambassador Kennedy Welcomed TUJ Dean Stronach and Senior Associate Dean Kato in her Residence to Commemorate the Launch of the TOMODACHI Internship Program

November 26, 2014

Dean Bruce Stronach and Senior Associate Dean Chie Kato attended a reception by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy at her residence in Tokyo on the evening of November 13. Ambassador Kennedy invited guests from business, academia and the media to recognize the development of the TOMODACHI Initiative and to announce a launch of a new internship program in which TUJ will host American students by partnering with the TOMODACHI Initiative.
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TUJ to Host TOMODACHI Internship Program – Contributing to Strengthening U.S.-Japan Ties

November 13, 2014

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) will host American students in Japan for a new internship program partnering with the TOMODACHI Initiative, as U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy announced today. This program is a direct result of a joint statement by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe in April to boost internship opportunities in Japan for American students. TUJ will play an active role in achieving the bilateral goal of doubling U.S.-Japan student exchanges by the year 2020.
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The Law School at TUJ and the JFBA Co-Produced English Training Videos to Help Japanese Lawyers Strengthen their Ability to Deal with International Clients

September 29, 2014

The Beasley School of Law at Temple University, Japan Campus (Law School at TUJ) and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) have co-produced the first ever English training videos for JFBA lawyers. Consisting of twelve scenarios, the series is available on the JFBA member-only website as an e-learning program.

Responding to the increasing number of international conflicts in business and domestic affairs, the JFBA decided last summer to produce an online English training program to address the growing needs of Japanese lawyers handling global cases. At the JFBA's request, the Law School at TUJ joined this project, and Director Finbarr McCarthy and Adjunct Professor Tina Saunders oversaw the production together with the JFBA. Four TUJ law students participated in these videos made by Kyodo Television.
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