Testimonial: Hideki Matsui

Class of 2013

Financial Industry

What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

I work in the financial industry, and I wanted to differentiate myself in the shrinking labor market. I decided to pursue an MBA because I wanted to learn new skills, new ways of thinking, and new strategies to deal with problems we face regardless of industry.

Why did you choose Executive MBA Program at Temple University, Japan Campus?

Classes are offered on weekends, so I could pursue an MBA while keeping my full time job. The international atmosphere was also appealing as classes were taught entirely in English and there were more non-Japanese students than Japanese students.

Which courses did you like the most? And why?

Power, Influence and Negotiations and Managing Operations in the Enterprise.

I learned negotiation skills and operation management skills in these courses. These skills are essential in business.

Leading and Managing Teams and Individuals and Managing and Developing Human Capital in the Enterprise.

Even though you know problems and solutions, it is not enough. You need to work with others and persuade them in order to solve problems. Now I use these skills in my daily work. It was also interesting to learn from a case study that a company can become dysfunctional without knowing it.

What is your best memory of the program?

Financial Information Reporting and Analysis.

I was the only Japanese person in the class, and it was very challenging. But I worked hard to pass. I even had a headache before an exam because I had studied so hard. Passing this tough course gave me a lot of confidence.

Enterprise Strategy Formulation and Implementation (Capstone Course).

In this class we gave a group project final presentation. Our team picked the Blackberry as our topic. We spent a lot of time preparing for it. I needed to finish work early, get home by 8:00 p.m., eat a quick dinner, and then from 9:00 to midnight every night I worked on my part of the presentation and did assignments for weekend classes. With limited time it was very hard for me to collect and select necessary information. My first priority was to achieve a good result, so I focused on that. After I collected all the information I needed, I synthesized it into a report and assured my part fit the conclusion of our team project. Preparing to give the presentation in English was also very tough. I had to be able to talk about other members' parts, too. And I had to deal with the pressure to finish my part within the fixed time. Besides, it was a group project, so I had to listen to and try to understand different opinions. All in all, it was difficult and challenging, but completing this project gave me a lot of confidence.

A message to prospective students

Having an MBA enhances your resume. But the most valuable accomplishment is passing all the tough courses while working full-time. It is challenging, but it helps you develop a business mindset, skills to handle problems, and vision. I believe that the Executive MBA program at TUJ helped me build a foundation. I have become more forward-thinking and flexible to even small changes. And I learned the importance of team work. After completing an MBA, I feel like I keep growing.