Testimonial: Jonathan Gaspar

Class of 2017

What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

I decided to get an MBA simply because of a desire to take my career to the next level. Attaining an MBA seemed like it would be the shortest route to setting myself apart from my peers and gaining skills and knowledge.

Why did you choose the Executive MBA Program at Temple University, Japan Campus?

I chose TUJ because out of all the business schools in Tokyo, it was one of the few with solid accreditation, and because it was highly ranked in various business school surveys. The fact that the school is committed enough to Tokyo to actually have a permanent campus here was also something that I deemed important.

Which course did you like the most? And why?

Out of all the wonderful courses I had the opportunity to participate in, my personal favorite was Dr. Michael Rivera's course Creativity, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation. The in-class discussions were a lot of fun and I find that I'm still thinking over the ideas and tools we went over in our two weekends together. I also appreciated Dr. Michael Leeds course Industrial Organization and Corporate Strategy on economics because of his obvious passion for the subject, as well as the easy-to-follow models used to demonstrate complex topics (Seinfeld videos, etc.) made the class a real joy to be a part of.

How did you balance your studies and your busy work schedule?

Planning out the week in advance was essential. It was very important to figure out a rough idea of when to tackle a particular reading, join a call with other students for group work, or start writing a report of some kind in advance. One other key was to not take too much time off. While August and December have no classes, and there are occasional weekends here and there with nothing scheduled related to school, it's best to take those as opportunities to prepare for the next class even at a somewhat more leisurely pace so as to be as ahead of schedule as possible before crunch time truly begins.

What is your best memory of the program?

Group work with my classmates was always a fun challenge and a good learning experience. It not only helped make all the work more bearable, but also created some of the most fun, unique, and educational experiences.

A message to prospective students

Joining the TUJ EMBA Program was one of the best decisions I ever made. Granted, it was a long year and a half that was generally tiring and sometimes stressful, but through this program I've not only learned more about management, but also gained a better understanding of myself, more clarity on the future of business, and access to an extensive network of distinguished alumni, including the great friends I made in class. The knowledge and skills I learned at Temple are just the foundation of a new level for my career and personal development. I couldn't be more excited to build on all that I've studied and learned over the course of the program. The TUJ program is a lot of work and a huge time commitment, but if you take the initiative, upon finishing you'll find that you've built a launch pad for rocketing yourself into the future.