Testimonials: Patrick Floody

Class of 2010

Senior Director of the Portfolio & Project Management, Pfizer Japan

I was a little nervous about going back to school after so many years in the workforce. However, I felt that an advanced degree was needed for me to fulfill my career goals. After visiting with the TUJ EMBA staff and sitting in a few classes, I was sure that pursuing an MBA was right for me.

Choosing TUJ over the other options in Tokyo was easy. The TUJ faculty are well recognized experts with years of teaching experience and the friendly competition between students really pushed me to do my best. Also, with classes on Saturdays, it allowed me to work fulltime while obtaining an MBA.

Interactions with the other students were some of the highlights of the program. Each student has his or her own strengths and experiences that they shared with the others. These real life experiences really drove home the importance of the class topics, and, even though we have moved to the four corners of the world, the bonds built with my classmates have continued well beyond the program.

I was fortunate that the timing of my Executive MBA program coincided with the 2007 and 2008 housing bubble and financial/banking crises. In particular, the finance and strategy courses really helped me understand what was happening and the impact of the crises on the global economy. They also provided plenty of teaching materials for the professors. I am very happy that I made the investment in my education."