Testimonials: Francisco Ascencion

Class of 2011

Managing Director Mexico - LATAM Region, Bausch & Lomb Inc.

I found the Executive MBA program at Temple University, Japan Campus, to be an enlightening experience. The issues discussed and examined were very practical, very relevant, and very topical. The program also opened up bigger skies and wider horizons for me; while attending the program, I was promoted from CFO to a general management position. For me, the biggest area of learning came with the absolute, blinding realization that whatever I do in business, it is all about people. I remember discussing this in my group and with other executives who were working in Japan. Together, we came to the awareness that we shared one thing in common: the challenges and opportunities of our organizations all centered on people.

Given that the structure of the course necessitated continual interaction, the entire experience was not only one of structured learning but a mix of rich and diverse cultures with their distinct human psyche and business practices. There is no situation in the corporate world where you are thrown into a global melting pot of senior people from such a wide spectrum of disciplines.

A great learning experience - in the heart of Tokyo!