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In Memoriam

Portrait photo of Sumiko Iwao

Sumiko Iwao(岩男 壽美子)

Sumiko Iwao, Ph.D., a TUJ Board of Overseers member, died on January 11, 2018. She was 83.

Dr Iwao received her Ph.D. from Yale, taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and then became a faculty member at Keio University. She was an early leader in Japanese women's studies and social psychology, and a national figure serving on many government committees and commissions including being Chair of the Gender Equality Council and a member of the National Public Safety Commission. In her "second life" she micro-funded the Sakura Secondary School for Girls in Tanzania.

Her life was a model for Japanese professionals, male and female, and we will miss her valued advice and infallible charm.

Bruce Stronach


金子 みどり

テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス (TUJ) は今日世界が求めているリーダーを育てるいい環境に恵まれています。グローバル化が急速に進み、日毎に変化を続ける環境の中、日本を含む各国が必要とされるリーダー育成に苦労しています。 貧困、伝染病、人権、教育、環境、食料など世界が抱える課題は、もう一国で解決できるものではありません。TUJで学んだ方々は、60ヶ国以上の国々の人達と共に学び、質の高い教授陣やスタッフに支えられ、多様な文化間のコミュニケーションを体験しており、グローバル・リーダーとしての基盤を既に形成しています。私共理事会では、この素晴らしい環境で学んでいただく機会をより多くの人達に提供していけるよう協力していきます。特に日本の皆さんに、多様な世界を経験しながら能力開発できる機会がTUJを通して日本国内にあることをお伝えしたいと思います。皆さんからのご意見・ご提案をお待ちしています。


元ディレクター コーポレートアフェアーズ

"I am a proud Temple University graduate, receiving my Master's Degree from the main campus in Philadelphia in 1984. My adventure with Temple University began in 1982 coincidentally at the same time TUJ was being established in Japan. Having just returned to the U.S. after receiving my BA at Sophia University, I recall dreaming of the day when quality international education would be available to more students in Japan. Now nearly 30 years later, I have been given the unique opportunity to assist in making this dream a reality. Over the years, though many other American and foreign universities have attempted to take root in Japan, they have failed where TUJ has thrived. More and more, from politicians and government officials to industry leaders and the general public, there is a growing recognition that for Japan to compete in the 21st Century, the lessons in critical thinking and quality international educational on offer at TUJ have become increasingly central to Japan's success. As students of TUJ you can be confident that the stature of TUJ as an institution of educational excellence will continue to grow. You can also be confident that you belong to a community of scholars that is committed to excellence in learning for the long haul."


"I am very excited to be part of the Board of Overseers for TUJ. Education has been one of the areas I have a lot of passion for, and I would like to do as much as I can to help the success of the students and the school. In my first year on the Board, I will be working particularly in the area of Academics with the school to bring out the best in our students and enable them to be great leaders for the society. In my daily work where we use technologies on the web to enable innovation to happen, I learn about the importance of creating a future where no one has been, and creating possibilities for everyone to be the best they can. I look forward to working with all of you and contributing to your success."

政府・渉外本部 ディレクター

"My horizons were greatly widened, and my life permanently enriched, by two terms studying abroad as an undergraduate. Later, as a career U.S. diplomat focusing on Japan for nearly three decades, and as Chair of the U.S.-Japan Educational (Fulbright) Commission, I sought to promote mutual understanding between our two nations -- and to expand opportunities for our young people to benefit from an international education just as I did. Now, as a Tokyo-based business executive, I want to help develop the “global human resources” that Japan needs to prosper in the 21st century.

Over the years, no institution has done more than TUJ to provide a world-class U.S.-style education in Japan. TUJ, with its unwavering dedication to excellence in academics, research, arts, community service, and global education, has truly embodied the University’s motto, Perseverantia Vincit, or “Perseverance Conquers”.

Today, more than ever, students need the kind of rigorous curriculum and critical thinking skills that TUJ imparts. And today, more than ever, the world needs the kind of curious, confident, and culturally astute leaders that TUJ produces.

I am honored to serve on the Board of Overseers. I will do my best to support TUJ’s noble – and vitally important – mission."

土井 悦生

"It has been said these days that a majority of young Japanese people are becoming domestic minded and do not want to study or work abroad. This tendency should be a serious concern for Japanese society but is a great thing for TUJ students. The more Japanese society becomes inward looking, the more valuable TUJ students will be. As Japan needs more and more young people who understand different culture and think globally, I foresee a bright future for TUJ students and alumni who will contribute even more to Japanese society. I am proud of the Temple University students and alumni pursuing this path with 'challenge spirit'."

合同会社 日本 MGM リゾーツ
代表執行役員 兼 社長

ジェイソン・P・ハイランドは、2017年8月7日に、合同会社日本 MGM リゾーツの代表執行役員 兼 社長として入社。同社の運営にかかわる重要事項を担い、日本のコミュニティーとのさらなる親交に注力する。



在日米国大使館首席公使および臨時代理大使として 700 人以上もの従業員と5つの領事館、1つの語学学校を統括しながら、政治や経済、学術分野の担当幹部と日々連携した。米国大使館での任期中には、米国の主要7カ国首脳会議(G7)への参加、バラク・オバマ前米国大統領の歴史的な広島訪問や「日米防衛協力のための指針」改訂を監督した。日米間のビジネス提携の強力な支援者でもあり、在日米国商工会議所、日本経済団体連合会、経済同友会、観光庁などの組織と密接に連携した。ハイランドは、国際観光がもたらす多大な利点を信じ、ツーリズム EXPO ジャパン 2016 の米国パビリオン出展を含むさまざまな観光関連の業務にも携わる。また、サイバーセキュリティ、イノベーション、貿易政策の分野にも精通している。


久保 明彦
株式会社ウィリアムズ・リー ・ジャパン
ノースアジア アジア マネージング ディレクター

"Like products and services, learning institutions and academies also need strong brands to distinguish themselves among a crowd of competitors. However, such stand-out brands can only be created using well-designed, well-executed marketing strategies. I am excited to be able to contribute to the branding / marketing challenge that lies ahead for TUJ."

村上 吉男

"Through a long career as a journalist specializing in international affairs, I have come to believe that imparting knowledge about other countries to young people and encouraging them to acquire the attitudes and skills needed to thrive in cultures other than their own should be our highest priority.

I first became acquainted with TUJ some 10 years ago, when, as a board member of the Asahi Shimbun, I was discussing with TUJ an opportunity to participate in the publication, in English, of the Asahi's famous current affairs and arts journal, The Japan Quarterly. Since that time, I have been convinced that TUJ is one of the most suitable places for young people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities to learn empirically about the world they will enter on graduation as full-fledged members of society. I need not go into detail about the reasons why except to say that the English language education and the American college degree which TUJ endows function as a veritable "driver's license," a must have for those who wish to make their way in the international community. I am sad to say that at this time no Japanese university can do the same.

As a board member, I would like to contribute through my journalistic and other networks to make the opportunities that TUJ offers through high quality English language education better known both in Japan and abroad."

代表取締役社長 兼 CEO

"TUJ is the perfect institution to connect Japan with the rest of the world. Located in Tokyo with the most established history of any foreign university in Japan, it is uniquely positioned to educate and promote the next generation of multi-cultural leaders to Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world. TUJ's strong support and connection with Temple University's main campus in Philadelphia presents unique opportunities for learning and development unparalleled in the world of higher education. TUJ offers you a premier ticket to the world; where your ticket takes you is entirely in your hands."

横沢 稔明

"It is my great honor to serve on the Board of Overseers of Temple University Japan Campus in the year of its 30th anniversary. I went to TUJ from 1988 to 1990, then, transferred myself to the main campus in 1990 and got a degree in 1992. I really feel honored to be the first board member who studied at TUJ. As a person who actually attended classes at TUJ, I believe that I can see things from the students' point of view to make suggestions on various matters at TUJ.

Nowadays, major Japanese companies hire a great number of new foreign graduates to seek further economic success internationally. Companies are looking for new graduates who can speak foreign languages fluently and work hard to compete in the world. At TUJ there are students from more than 60 countries. TUJ students study hard to get what they want to achieve, while most students at Japanese universities spend years of college in doing club activities or interviewing for jobs. TUJ is the most prominent educational institution in Japan which can provide students with skills and experiences necessary to the current companies' needs.

I would like to contribute to TUJ for its further success."


ジョルダン・アンド・アソシエイツ 社長
松本 洋
国際文化会館 理事
嶋田 高司
KLTマネージメント 社長
アメリカン・エキスプレス・インターナショナル・インク 前社長
村上 恭豊
株式会社ハイポネックスジャパン 代表取締役社長


秋葉 忠利
公益財団法人AFS日本協会 前理事長
シニア・バイス・プレジデント 渉外担当
US-China エデュケーション トラスト オフィス アンバサダー
團野 廣一
グリーンアーム株式会社 取締役
細田 博之
池上 久雄
東京学芸大学客員教授、元東京大学 総長室 顧問
内藤 正久
財団法人日本エネルギー経済研究所 顧問
RGAリインシュアランスカンパニー日本支店 日本における代表者
スミス大学 政治学部教授

注記: TUJのBoard of Overseers(理事会)は、日本の私立学校法に定められた理事会とは異なります。