Megumi Yen



Thank you Dean Stronach for your kind introduction. Good afternoon to TUJ faculty, staff and graduating students, and their family and friends. I am honored to stand here and offer my congratulations to the entire class of 2017. I am receiving an LL.M. degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law with 25 of my fellow classmates. Although this is my third degree, I see the LL.M. degree as the most honorable diploma I have ever received. I will always remember the steps I took and the people I met through the program who have turned me into the person I want to be. I have acquired not only a knowledge of American law, but also, and more importantly, confidence in myself.

In 2010, the first time I attended an American law class through TUJ's Continuing Education, I was working for a Japanese IT company. My job entailed me reviewing English language contracts everyday. Although I aimed just to understand the basics of American law for my job, the more I took American law classes at Continuing Education, the more I discovered American Law as fascinating and fun. So much so, I decided to leave the IT company to apply for the LL.M. program, however I actually didn't have enough courage to fill out an application form for a while.

Why not? To be honest, I did not want to be judged by people if I said "I want to be an American lawyer." I feared someone might say that I would not be good enough. But, when I started working for the Graduate College of Education and watched bright, open minded and talented students coming from every corner of the world to reach goals and dreams, I came to realize that I was denying myself the opportunity to do what I really wanted to do like you guys. Those TUJ students were my inspiration and showed me that I was being my harshest critic and stopping myself from achieving more. Finally, it was 2014 that I submitted the LL.M. application.

Despite the difficulties to studying law, especially in my second language, English, the last 3 years at Law School have been nothing but precious. Without my fellow classmates, I would not have been as enthusiastic about studying at law school. I learned from all of youthe meaning of hard work, tenacity and how to overcome challenges. You offered me help when I was completely lost in the Contracts law class, struggling to understand the concept of offer and acceptance; and when I was absolutely terrified of the Constitutional law essay exam. You encouraged me while I was pregnant with my baby girl last year. Now I can say that I am a proud mom and LL.M. graduate.

Lastly let me express great gratitude to everyone working and studying at Azabu hall, Mita hall and Osaka office to make TUJ a unique and extraordinary educational institution. TUJ is a place where people exchange cultures and customs with each other, and learn how to think differently and voice a variety of opinions. It's truly a diverse and inclusive school. I do not know whether the next chapter of my life will be easy or difficult, but what I learned from TUJ will ensure that I move forward and aim higher. I believe strongly from the bottom of my heart that is the sprit we all earned through life at TUJ, and will keep it with us in our life after TUJ. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you very much.






法律を学ぶのは決して簡単ではありませんでしたが、ロースクールでの3年間は自分にとってかけがえのない時間となりました。クラスメイトの皆さんからの刺激なしでは、ここまで法律の勉強に打ち込めなかったと思います。粘り強さ、大変な努力、そして困難の克服など、皆さんから多くを学ばせていただきました。契約法で申込と承諾 (offer and acceptance) の概念を理解するのに苦しんでいたとき、皆さんが助けてくれました。また、憲法学の3時間の小論文試験に恐れをなした時も同様です。また昨年、子どもを授かり、女の子を出産したときにも、皆さんが、私の志を維持し、勉強を続ける励ましとなりました。とても感謝しています。昨日、子どもは生後8か月となりました。母親としても法学修士としても、自分を誇りに思います。