ICAS Event: Debating ideological bias in US education - Screening of "Indoctrinate U." followed by a debate

Presented by Temple University, Japan Campus and Republicans Abroad Japan

Thursday, October 14, 2010
7:00 p.m. (Talk will start at 7:30 p.m.)
TUJ Mita Hall 502/503 (Access)
Michael Reber / Robert Dujarric, Director ICAS
Free. Open to general public.
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In Indoctrinate U. the filmmaker interviews and attempts to interview college faculty members and administrators on both sides of the political issues, and argues that there are frequent cases of several high- and low-profile discrimination of students and faculty members organizing or participating in conservative or otherwise non-leftist activities on campus. After a screening of a truncated version of the film, speakers for and against the premise of the film will offer remarks, after which the floor will be open to a discussion period.

Arguing in favor of Indoctrinate U. will be Michael Reber, an advocate for student-centered learning, educational choice, and private and civil educational association. He is a prolific writer on student-centered learning and open educational systems design. His major publication is An Alternative Framework for Community Learning Centers in the 21st Century.

On the other side of the debate, will be Robert Dujarric, Director, Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University, Japan Campus (http://www.tuj.ac.jp/icas/staff.html).

About ICAS
The Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS) is an organization dedicated to fostering study and research on various topics related to contemporary Japan and Asia.

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