ICAS Event: Claude Meyer on "China and Japan after the crisis: which leader for Asia?"

Friday, October 8, 2010
7:00 p.m. (Talk will start at 7:30 p.m.)
TUJ Azabu Hall 206/207 (Access)
Claude Meyer
Robert Dujarric, Director, ICAS
Free. Open to general public.
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According to a widely held view Asia's future is already mapped out, between the inevitable decline of Japan and the meteoric rise of China. Such a simplistic view is probably ill-advised, just as the notion of an unstoppable Japan proved to be in the 1990s. Economic partners by force of circumstance but still strategic rivals, China and Japan are kept at odds not only by a burdensome past but also, and above all, by their conflicting ambitions.

In the context of the rivalry between China and Japan for leadership in Asia, how should we assess the respective strengths and weaknesses of each country? For the time being, neither of these two dominant powers can lay claim to overall supremacy in the region. China has strong strategic advantages of which Japan is deprived because of its pacifist Constitution. On the contrary, Japan's economic and technological leadership in Asia is still unquestionable when compared to a Chinese economy which remains over dependent on foreign markets and technologies.. In the light of the dialectical relationship between economics and strategic power, what could be the most probable scenario for their mutual relations and the future configuration of power in Asia over the next two decades?

About the Speaker

Dr. Claude Meyer has pursued a dual career as banker and academic. He was for many years an executive at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Group, while lecturing at the Paris Sorbonne University (international finance and Japanese economy).

He is presently Associate Professor of International Economics and Senior Research Fellow at Paris “Sciences Po”. He lectures regularly at universities in the US and in Asia. He holds a Ph.D. in economics and degrees in philosophy, sociology and Japanese studies.

His publications deal mainly with Asian economies and finance. His latest book, China or Japan: which leader for Asia?, published in French in February 2010, is now available in Japanese and is being translated in English and in Chinese.

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