ICAS Event: Korea Japan Group - Tsuneo Watanabe on "Futenma: How will Hatoyama survive the May deadline?"

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
7:00 p.m. open (7:30 p.m. start)
TUJ Mita Hall 502 (Access)
Tsuneo Watanabe
Robert Dujarric
Free. Open to general public.
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The Prime Minister has staked his credibility on making a decision on the relocation of Futenma Air Station in Okinawa by the end of May 2010. Futenma has become for many a test case not only of Japan-US relations but also of the Prime Minister’s capacity to govern. To understand how the Hatoyama Administration got there and how it might overcome the current crisis.

To help us understand this, we are happy to welcome our old friend Tsuneo “Nabe” Watanabe of The Tokyo Foundation. As Director of the Policy Research Division and Senior fellow, he runs several projects and is the author of Japan's New Security Strategy: Multilayered and Cooperative Security Strategy. (Click here for more information in pdf)

“Nabe-san” is also Adjunct Fellow, Center for Strategic & International Studies, in Washington, where he was a leading member of the policy community. In 2005, he returned to Japan. After serving as a senior research fellow at the Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute in Tokyo, assumed his current position. (To learn more about Tsuneo Watanabe, visit The Tokyo Foundation website )

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