ICAS Event: Healthy Healthcare - Lecture Series
Lecture 10: "Coping with Population Aging: Controlling Health Care Spending and Providing Long-Term Care"

Co-hosted by American Chamber of Commerce Japan, the Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Temple University, Japan Campus, ICAS

Friday, March 12th, 2010
7:00 p.m. (Talk will start at 7:30 p.m.)
TUJ Azabu Hall 212/213 (Access)
John Campbell
Rene Duignan
Open to general public.
You can purchase a bento and drinks at the convenience store next to the university.
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The fact that aging increases demand for medical and long-term care services is a policy challenge for all industrialized nations. Japan provide lessons on how to constrain the growth of medical spending, and how to provide long-term care in a comprehensive and efficient way.

Speaker Profile

Pr. Campbell taught political science at the University of Michigan from 1973 until he retired. He works on Japanese politics in general, decision-making, and social policy. His books include Contemporary Japanese Budget Politics (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1977), How Policies Change: The Japanese Government and the Aging Society (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1992), and The Art of Balance in Health Policy: Maintaining Japan’s Egalitarian, Low-Cost System (Co-author with Naoki Ikegami, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1998). Since moving to Tokyo in 2006, he was a visiting professor, at the University of Tokyo, the Institute of Social Science, and the Keio University Medical School. Currently he is a visiting scholar at the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Tokyo.

Moderator Profile

Dr. Rene Duignan works for the Central Bank of Italy monitoring Asian economies. Dr. Duignan also lectures at Aoyama Gakuin University. As Chair of the JIC Study Group, he hosts a wide variety of public lectures. He was formerly Global Liaison for the Health Policy Institute Japan where he developed a strong interest in Japanese healthcare. Dr. Duignan is the co-founder and curator of the Healthy-Healthcare lecture series. He is an Adjunct Research Fellow at ICAS Temple University Japan. Dr. Duignan also serves as an elected Board Member of the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC). He is an occasional TV commentator on Japanese economic and political affairs and a Tokyo resident since 1997.

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