ICJS Event: Healthy Healthcare - Lecture Series
Lecture 5 - "Regulatory reform in financing health care expenditures"

Co-hosted by American Chamber of Commerce Japan, Temple University Japan and the Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Friday, September 18th, 2009
7:00 p.m. (talk starts at 7:30 p.m.)
TUJ Azabu Hall 206/207 (Access)
Naohiro Yashiro
Rene Duignan
Open to general public.
You can purchase a bento and drinks at the convenience store next to the university.
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The health care service industry is one of the most promising because the customers are increasing and it is still underdeveloped, with various regulations impeding new entries. If these obstacles are removed, the potential demand for health care services would be stimulated, and the productivity level could be improved. Major issues include revision of the rules on banning the mixing of public and private health insurance and financing for profit hospitals.

Speaker Profile

Pr. Naohiro Yashiro has worked for the OECD and the Economic Planning Agency, and has also been a Professor at the Institute of International Relations of Sophia University, as well as President of Japan Center for Economic Research. He was a councilor for the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy during the Abe and Fukuda Cabinet. Presently he is a Professor at the International Christian University, specializing in labor economics, social security, and Japanese economics.He has written several books and articles comparing Japanese and US healthcare systems.

Moderator Profile

Dr. Rene Duignan is the curator of the Healthy-Healthcare series. He works for the Central Bank of Italy covering Asian economies with a particular interest in China. He lectures in international economics and business at Aoyama Gakuin University. He is Chair of the JIC Study Group was formerly a global liaison for the Health Policy Institute Japan where he developed a strong interest in J-healthcare. Dr. Duignan is a board member of the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce.

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