ICJS Event: "GATE – A True Story" with Award-winning Director Matt Taylor

Presented by the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund and Temple University, Japan Campus, ICJS

Friday, June 5th, 2009
7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
TUJ Azabu Hall 206 (Access)
"GATE" Director Matt Taylor
Open to general public.
You can purchase a bento and drinks at the convenience store next to the university.
Registration closed


"GATE" is the popular feature documentary film made by Hollywood stars and artists from around the world. The Japanese version features MARTIN SHEEN and is narrated by NANAKO MATSUSHIMA. The soundtrack features TAKESHI KOBAYASHI of Mr. Children and Japan's biggest American-born singer, YUNA ITO. All of the contributors from Japan, Russia, and the United States donated 100% of their time and their rights to spread the message of this movie.

The film was the 1st ever independent documentary shown in theaters in Japan nationwide in the summer of 2008. "GATE" follows Zen Monks on their path to unify the world by closing a 60-year circle of fear and opening a new circle to empower future generations to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.

See the trailer: http://www.gndfund.org/html/trailer_ja.html

About Matt Taylor

A 20-year veteran entertainment marketing industry professional, Taylor has pioneered several multi-media programs in the U.S. and Japan, from interactive educational programming to cutting-edge direct response television. Donating countless hours to various charitable causes, he has successfully introduced some of the world’s most popular artists to many worthy events, benefiting children, AIDS, cancer research, and nuclear disarmament. Taylor is also Executive Director of the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund, a non-profit organization which signed a treaty with the Russian Federation's Atomic Energy Agency, “RosAtom”.

About the Film "GATE"

"GATE" (104 minutes)
Featuring: Martin Sheen
Japanese Narration: Nanako Matsushima
Director/Producer: Matt Taylor
Main Theme Song: Takeshi Kobayashi, Yuna Ito, and Mikhail Pletnev
A Collaboration with Japan, Russia, and the US

For Inquiries Regarding "GATE":
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E-mail: admin@gndfund.org
URL: www.GNDFund.org
Blog: www.Gate-Movie.jp

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