ICJS Event: Healthy Healthcare - Lecture Series
Lecture 2 - "Patient Voice: The challenge of creating a framework of Patient Advocacy in Japan."

Co-hosted by American Chamber of Commerce Japan and Temple University, Japan Campus, ICJS

Friday, May 22nd, 2009
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
TUJ Azabu Hall 206 (Access)
Mr. Ryoji Noritake (Health Policy Institute Japan – Patient Advocacy Office)
Open to general public.
You can purchase a bento and drinks at the convenience store next to the university.
Please RSVP to icjs@tuj.ac.jp


In Japan, patient advocacy groups are often said to be weak, isolated and unprofessional compared to international standards, perhaps due to a basic lack of infrastructure to support and develop them. It is often left to non-profit organizations a) to incubate, educate and help institutionalize such motivated collections of concerned citizens. b) to bring doctors, bureaucrats and patients together, as equals, to discuss urgent shared problems and c) to educate young doctors on wider issues such as health policy down to patient interaction, to avoid cases of patients being told of terminal cancer on the telephone. In the age of the internet, more information on treatment and drugs are available, thus patients are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding. Patient voice can be a positive force to improve the overall standards, as surely all businesses must listen to their customers, or should they?

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