ICJS Event in Washington D.C.:
Roundtable Discussion with Robert Dujarric on Japan
at the Mansfield Foundation

Friday, March 27th, 2009
3:00-4:30 p.m.
The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation
1401 New York Avenue, NW (Between H St. and New York Ave.)
Suite 740
Tel: 202-347-1994
Registration closed

Roundtable Disscussion with Robert Dujarric

Japan is the world's second largest economy, Asia's richest and by far most advanced economy, and America's most important partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Like every country in the world, it has a vital stake in a successful resolution of the current economic crisis; unlike most of them Japan has the economic and financial tools to play a leading role in forging a global solution.

Yet, Japan looks like it has gone AWOL. A recent column in the Financial Times, "Fifty who will frame a way forward" (out of the crisis, March 11, 2009), lists 50 policymakers, bankers, economists, investors who will play key roles, but it includes only one Japanese. This is symbolic of how the world looks at Japan at this critical juncture.

Is this a fair assessment? Or is Japan's role being undervalued and unreported? What role is Japan prepared to take and what are realistic expectations of Tokyo from the international community?

These questions will be the subject of a roundtable discussion with Robert Dujarric.

About Robert

Robert Dujarric is the director of the Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies at Temple University, Japan Campus, Tokyo. He is a former Council on Foreign Relations (Hitachi) International Affairs Fellow who has lived in Japan since 2004. Please see here for his profile.