My Brand is My Life: Branding: Make it Personal, Professional and Social (One-day Workshop) (MBL101-SU)

Saturday 10:00-16:30
Dean Fujii
Participants will need have an active account on Facebook and LinkedIn. (Twitter and others are optional.)
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)

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Today's "always-on" world has changed the way we think about our work, connections...and life. With that comes the opportunity to access resources at will, making our lives both more convenient and stressed at the same time.

This workshop introduces concepts of branding and business applied to our most important client: Ourselves. A combination of theory, case studies and interactive practice will enhance learning while creating your personal brand blueprint (in other words, you define your own image.) Understanding and developing your personal brand/image results in better professional presence, future opportunities and self-confidence. At the same time, systematic use of apps/SNS, knowledge sources and collaboration will aim to not only increase technical savvy, but also provide hints for applying the approach to business, whether you're an entrepreneur or company employee.


Dean Fujii

Dean is an American-born third generation Japanese American whose life and career have evolved in the US, Japan and across Asia.

Having held positions in many of the world's leading brands, his career spans multiple industries and professions. At the core lies a deep interest in technology, marketing, strategy and applied psychology.

Dean currently does project work covering social and digital marketing, in addition to startup strategy and business development in SE Asia.

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