Film Subtitling (One-day workshop) (FSU101-SU)

Saturday 10:00-16:30
Shunsuke Komamiya
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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This workshop is designed to provide basic knowledge and skills on film subtitling. After completing this 1-day session, you will be able to create subtitles for feature films with consideration of subtitling-specific issues, such as word-count limitations (subtitles are usually limited to 4 or 5 Japanese characters per second), time-spotting and timecodes. In the workshop, we will work collaboratively in groups of 2 or 3 to create Japanese subtitles for footage from an English-language feature film. Your subtitles will be shared anonymously in the classroom, and we will discuss and analyze them from cultural, technical and social perspectives. Together, we will decide on the best subtitle for each scene, and at the end of the class, we will watch the film footage with our chosen subtitles on the screen as our final product. This workshop is designed for beginners, and advanced English-language skills are not a requirement. Necessary materials will be provided, including the English film script, to allow participants to focus solely on the actual subtitling work.


Shunsuke Komamiya

As a professional translator specializing in translation, subtitling and language consulting services, Shunsuke Komamiya is currently involved in a wide range of projects such as IT, legal, business, tourism and art. Mr. Komamiya holds a MSc in Scientific, Technical & Medical Translation with Translation Technology from Imperial College London. He is also a member of Japan Translation Federation and European Society for Translation Studies Member.

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