Psychology: Stages of Life (PSY105)

Thursday 13:30-15:20
Start Date:
January 25th
Helmut Morsbach
TOEFL score of 475. This course assumes no previous study of psychology.
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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We shall study the psychological development of human beings from birth to old age. Apart from learning about psychological factors which influence ALL humans, we will also look at cultural influences, especially when comparing Japanese with Western people. A broad range of possible topics will be discussed (e.g. birth, babyhood, childhood, teenage ambitions, ideals of youth and of middle-aged people, and a meaningful life for retired persons). No previous psychological training is necessary apart from knowledge gained from daily living. Strong emphasis will be placed on small group discussions on topics of interest from class members. At the end of this course, students (singly or in small groups) will be encouraged to make presentations on topics of their choice to their fellow class members.


Helmut Morsbach

Helmut Morsbach was born in South Africa, of German parents. After obtaining a doctoral degree in Social Psychology at the University of Cape Town, he taught and researched in Psychology at International Christian University, Tokyo (1967-1969), Glasgow University in Scotland (1969-1992), and then for about ten years at Shiga University, Japan.

At Shiga University he also taught English language courses. He is currently Adjunct Professor in Psychology at TUJ; lecturing, among other topics, on "Cross-Cultural Psychology" and "Intercultural Marriage". He is married to a Japanese national and has a teen-age bicultural daughter.

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