Introduction to Psychology (PSY100)

Tuesday 19:10-21:00
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Nanae Kurita
The course is open to students with TOEFL scores of 450 and above.
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This course offers students insight into the fascinating study of the mind. We will begin by introducing you to yourself. We'll explore questions like: How do you see yourself? How do you sense the world around you? What are you likely to remember and in what way? What role do emotions and moods play in your daily life? Are you rational in your decisions? Were you born this way? We'll also consider how we interact in our relationships, how we might do better and why some people draw us closer while others repel us. Further topics we will touch upon include: the roots of prejudice and racism, morality, psychopathology, psychological problems (depression, schizophrenia and anxiety), evolutionary psychology, as well as dreams and some thoughts on hypnosis. Students will be encouraged to suggest other topics of interest as well. Our ultimate aim is to better understand ourselves and our behaviors as well as those of others.

As an introductory course, no previous study in psychology is required. Just bring your mind and be willing to share your thoughts and to sometimes question your own beliefs.


Nanae Kurita

Nanae Kurita earned her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo. She is a licensed Certified Clinical Psychologist (from the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists). She has experience working as a counselor, a psychotherapist, and a group psychotherapist for adolescents and adults, and is currently designing and conducting research at ICU Education Research Center. Her main areas of research are mechanisms of adolescent creativity, identity formation in multi-cultural environments, group dynamics for facilitating personality growth and identity formation, personality development of women, and healthy narcissism. She has also worked as an interpreter at international conferences and seminars in psychology.

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