Basic Primer on Contracts (8 Weeks) (BPC101)

Tuesday 19:10-21:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)

This course is not offered during Spring 2018. Request to be notified for future availability.

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Course Details

This class is an introduction to the study of contracts under the common law.

The class will examine basic rules in contract law, with cases to illustrate these rules and show how they operate.

The different parts of typical contracts will be examined to show why particular provisions are often included in contracts. We will look at what makes a contract valid or invalid, and what parties should include in a contract to achieve a desired result.

In addition the following topics will be examined:
-Confidentiality clauses,
-Assignment and delegation,
-Promissory estoppel,
-Representations and warranties, indemnities,
-Various ways in which contracts can come to an end.

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