Web Page Design - Introductory (8 Weeks) (WPD101)

Monday 19:10-21:30
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Paul Sather
A competent knowledge of either Windows or Macintosh environments.
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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This is an introductory web design course. The course teaches how to create a personal web site using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. From a design and technical aspect, you will learn some of the basics of site layout, typography, graphics, page layout, and design considerations to build a site from start to finish in this course. All techniques apply equally to either a Windows or Macintosh-based environment.

Special Note:

Please bring your laptop computer.


Paul Sather

Paul started using computers back when "color monitor" meant your choice of green or yellow (as opposed to white) text on a black screen and has been working on websites since 2000. Currently he does website coding for a Tokyo-based graphic designer. Paul mainly develops user- updated sites using server-side code - this requires writing clean, efficient html that can accept almost any user-supplied content. He follows a bottom-up development process which, ironically, means he spends most of the workday looking at green or yellow (as opposed to

white) text on a black screen.

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