International Business Management (Online) (BUS200)

Students should have completed BUS101 or have at least 3 years of working experience in an administrative or management function.
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Companies are seeking to expand internationally and are depending more and more on international markets. If your company engages or is planning to engage in international business, there are two questions you must address: 1) How can we heighten our awareness and better manage cultural difference? 2) How do we insure our organization is "aligned" and capable of succeeding in international business? This course introduces concepts along with useful frameworks and tools for international business management, management of cultural difference and organizational alignment in order to strategize and manage international business more effectively. Through lecture (PowerPoint with audio), video, readings and case studies students acquire knowledge and apply it through online course discussion and assignments.

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Please note that registered students will receive an invitation into the course on the Haiku LMS (Learning Management System) from the instructor before the semester starts. You will be required to accept the invitation and to set up an account on the Haiku LMS:

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