Career Design: Create, Manage and Build Your Career (CDE101)

Tuesday 19:40-21:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)

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Expectations of lifelong employment and career development are undergoing rapid change in today's information economy. Companies themselves are equally challenged to redefine the relationship of employer-employee, as both internal and external market needs demand faster change and unique skill sets while the pool of qualified, high potential people shrinks. This course aims to shed light on the "meaning of work in the 21st century" while providing opportunities to better understand how you as an individual can approach your role.

What unique skill sets are expected from the working sector in the modern century? This course will explore opportunities and options for: 1) young graduates looking for a job and don't know where to start; 2) those who are looking to change companies; 3) those who are employed but are looking to advance their careers. 4) those about to retire (or have just retired) but are wondering "what next? where and how can I keep contributing as a member of society on a less strenuous but productive role one that makes use of my previous experience and suitable to my strengths and personality; and 5) those wondering about flex-time work due to personal circumstances (just starting a family, or caring for a loved one).

Examples of traditional and non-traditional corporate approaches to "career development" will serve as a base to balance with the creation of a personal strategy for sustained motivation, confidence and growth. Self-reflection, research, discussions and role plays will aid participants in designing and planning their next steps in career development.

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