FAQ about the Program

Q1. May I transfer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to other university programs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned at the end of the semester, are not transferable as university credits. They may, however, be included in resumes and academic applications as evidence of knowledge and training acquired for personal or professional development.

CEUs are also professionally recognized by many corporations as value added to a prospective employee's qualifications. In fact, it is not uncommon for companies to send their staff for training in Continuing Education programs and will offer financial support for such purposes as well.

Q2. What is the duration of the courses?

Courses run for 10 weeks unless specified. Please refer to our Course Schedules for more information. We also offer a variety of seminars and workshops which run for one to two days.

Q3. Are TUJ Continuing Education programs conducted in places other than Tokyo?

Courses in the Continuing Education program are conducted primarily in Tokyo. Some students, however, travel a distance to attend our courses conducted on Saturdays. If attending a course is inconvenient, we recommend our seminars and workshops which run for a day or two.

Q4. May I use the library or other facilities if I become a Continuing Education student?

During the semester, students have limited access to TUJ facilities. Please refer to the Benefits to Students page.

Q5. Can I sit-in or audit a class?

We regret that the program strictly prohibits students to sit-in or audit a class. For questions concerning course content or questions to instructors, please contact the Continuing Education office.

Q6. Is there a place where I can use a computer in TUJ?

Students who are taking a computer-related course may use the computer lab (5th Floor, Azabu Hall) during the semester. Please refer to the Benefits to Students page for more information. The library in Tokyo also has internet access available for students.

Q7. After I pay my tuition fees, is there anything I need to do before attending the first class?

When we confirm receipt of your payment, we will inform you by e-mail.

Q8. What are your office hours?

Please see here for the office hours, as well as our contact information.

Q9. I have not received a reply for my inquiry.

The office replies to e-mail on first come first served basis. Please resend your inquiry if you have not received a reply in two business days.

Q10. Can I cancel my registration?

All course requests for cancellations must be in writing (E-mail or Fax) and must be submitted before the designated date on the calendar for each semester. Please refer to the Program Policies page for further information.

Q11. Can I change a course that I registered for?

All course change requests must be in writing (E-mail or Fax) and must be submitted before the second class meeting. Please refer to the Program Policies page for further information.

Q12. Is there a place for me to study while waiting for the next class?

As a Continuing Education student, you can take advantage of the facilities and resources of Temple University, Japan Campus.

  • Study Room
  • Teaching & Learning Center
  • Library*
  • Computer Labs* (only for students who are enrolled in computer-related classes)

* Please contact the Continuing Education office for further information.

Q13. Would it be possible to visit the office for more information?

The Continuing Education program office offers private counseling at any time. Students may consult with our staff to choose a course, view textbooks, and tour the campus. Please contact us before you make your visit.

Q14. Can I get a full refund?

No refunds are given to cancellations after the course start date. For exceptions, please refer to the Program Policies page.

Q15. Where do I get my student ID?

The Continuing Education office in Tokyo (1st Floor, Azabu Hall) will issue your student ID. Please bring a 4 x 3 cm photo and stop by the office after the semester has started.

Q16. When and where can I purchase the textbook?

Please purchase your textbooks after you receive the course confirmation approximately one week before classes start. For most courses, students are responsible to buy their own textbooks. Links to Amazon Japan or Nellie's bookstores are provided on the course details pages on our website, however, students should communicate with them directly for returns, exchanges, or refunds.