Seminars and Workshops

The TUJ Career Development Office holds many useful seminars and workshops that help you get through the unique Japanese system of “shukatsu (job-hunting)”. There are certain steps you are required to follow, special preparations you need to do, and information you must know before you contact target companies. It is crucial to attend these seminars and workshops if you want to be successful in your job search in Japan.

For Freshman to Junior Level Students

Career Planning Seminar
Summer Fall
This seminar helps you start building your post graduation career plan. Because there is such a wide range of possible jobs, companies and industries to work in, this seminar helps you search for your own career path. We also offer a “Career Assessment Test”.

For Sophomore Level Students

Self-Analysis Seminar
Self-analysis is critical to successful job-hunting. Knowing yourself is the first and most important step.
Research & Listing of
Target Companies Seminar
Based on your self-analysis, you can now start searching in the job world. The goal of this seminar is to create your own list of companies to target.

For Junior and Senior Level Students

Basics of Job-hunting in
Japan Seminar
Japan has a unique new graduate hiring system. This seminar covers the basic job-hunting flow from pre-entry to interview.
Business Manners
This seminar helps you to learn the basic business manners required for job-hunting.
SPI Preparation Seminar
Most new graduate hiring in Japan does not require any specific skills, certificates or experience. Instead, companies conduct various screening tests to establish your career potential. SPI is the most well-known of these tests. This seminar introduces you to the types of tests, and we also offer mock SPI tests.
Resume and Entry Sheet
Your resume and entry sheet will be your first point of contact with potential employees. This seminar covers how to write an effective Japanese resume, English resume, English Cover Letter, and Japanese Entry Sheet.
Job hunting for Foreign Students
Spring Summer Fall
This seminar provides some tips for foreign students to find jobs in your home countries or in Japan. Careful planning and preparation is the key to a successful job search for foreign students.
Job Fair Prep Seminar
Spring Summer Fall
On-campus and off-campus job fairs are a good way to meet with many companies in one day. This seminar explains how to prepare for these job events.
Interview Seminar/Mock
Interview Session
Spring Summer
The interview is the most important factor for a company making a hiring decision. The interview is your best opportunity to show your appealing points and your reasons for applying to the company.

Industry Information Seminars

In addition to the seminars and workshops above, we conduct industry information seminars and other useful job-related workshops throughout the year. These seminars provide students interested in a specific industry with an opportunity to discuss that industry and the major companies in it, with support from the Career Development Office. Based on the demand from students, we prepare for most major industries, such as financial, electronics manufacture, automobile manufacture, computer/IT, food, trading, mass communications, pharmaceutical, hospitality and more.