Internship Programs

The internship program is one of the distinctive features of a TUJ education. Students find it useful to not only gain valuable work experience, but also to build their future career plan. In fact, many students choose to find the same kind of job as they undertake during their internship.

Credit Internships

Credit internship is a valuable way to gain practical work experience, often in a student's field of interest, while earning academic credits. Since credit internship is treated as an academic course, you will need to register with the Academic Advising Center. Students usually work from 10 to 20 hours per week on site under managerial supervision.

Credit Internship Course

The academic internship course is a 3-4 credit course within one of the following departments:

  • Art
  • Asian Studies
  • Communications
  • Economics
  • International Affairs
  • International Business Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychological Studies

In order to be eligible to take the internship course, students need to have completed a minimum of 60 credits with a 2.5 or higher GPA or a minimum of 45 credits with a 3.0 or higher GPA (as well as some foundational courses required by each major). The course is led by a faculty supervisor. Assignments vary depending on the course taken. This course is done while also working at the internship site. Final grade for the internship course is also determined by the faculty supervisor.

Who is involved with credit internships?

This varies based on the internship, but in general there are at least 4 people involved:

Internship Team Members (Download in PDF: 63KB)

Internship Experience

I wanted to … work in Japanese to prepare for working in Japan after graduation"

Brendan White, on his internship experience at Minato City office.
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The internship helped me to gain more confidence in my Japanese and as well as giving me the experience of working at a small company. Because I want to continue to work in Japan in the future, the exposure to a wide variety of documents in Japanese along with the exposure to business Japanese will definitely help me in the future."

Chelsea Clark, on her internship experience at a Japanese publishing company.
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What is the internship application process?

Internships are offered every semester. In order to participate in a credit internship, students should attend a Credit Internship Information Session the semester before they plan to do the internship. The internship application procedures will be explained at the session.

Internship Application Cycle

Semester of Intended Internship Information Session Internship Application Deadline
Spring (Jan – April) late October mid-November
Summer (May – July) mid-March early April
Fall (Sept – Dec) late June early July

Specific details will be advertised on campus, online, and via email. Students can register for an Information Session via email or by visiting the Career Development Office.

Important dates for Summer 2015 Credit Internships

Application Deadline:
Friday, April 3
Information Sessions:
March 9-13

When attending an Information Session, students should pick up a Credit Internship Packet which contains details about the application process, and descriptions of all the positions that are available for the upcoming semester. This will be available in the Career Development Office and on Blackboard. Individual position announcements will also be available on the 2F bulletin boards in Azabu Hall and Mita Hall.

There are several steps in the internship application process:

  1. Preparing the application: this involves determining your eligibility, choosing an appropriate internship and working on the internship application materials. Click here (PDF:75KB) to see more details
  2. Submitting the application
  3. Interviewing with internship sponsors: students should practice interviewing and be prepared for a professional interview usually on-site at the internship location
  4. Registering for academic credit: students need to register for the internship via the TUJ Internship Approval Sheet by the Course Add deadline

For a detailed explanation of the application process, click here (PDF: 167KB). Also please refer to our checklist (PDF:100KB) on how to complete a credit internship from start to finish.

Non-Credit Internships

In addition to credit internships, TUJ also offers students the option to do internships on a non-credit basis. A non-credit internship is a volunteer experience – students do not receive credit and there is no official involvement with TUJ. All students are eligible to apply. Please visit Blackboard for a list of our current non-credit internship positions.

Available Internships

The TUJ Career Development Office helps students find internships at Japanese and foreign companies in Japan. All available internships are posted on the Blackboard. If you have any questions about the internships listed on the Blackboard, please contact us.