Download Job Postings and Job Hunting Materials

We keep job postings (full and part) and materials used in the Career Support Program on the Blackboard. Please log in and download the files you need.

Job Postings

  • Full-time job postings
  • Part-time job listing

You can also find job postings at Azabu 2F bulletin board (Full-Time and Internship), Azabu 5F bulletin board (Part-Time) and in the Career Development Office.

Job Hunting Materials

  • PowerPoints used in seminars and workshops
  • Various worksheets
  • Internship procedures, requirements and positions available next semester
  • Detail information of next on-campus career fair

How to find the materials on the Blackboard

Please follow the instructions below to download the materials you require. You need to have access to the Blackboard.

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Go to "Career Development Office" page
  3. To download Job-Hunting Seminar materials and TUJ Resume Format (Japanese) please go to "Job Hunting Materials"
  4. To download, detail information about participating companies at the next career fair, please go to "Career Fair"
  5. To download Full-time Job Postings, please go to "Job Listings (Full)"
  6. To download Part-time Job Hunting, please go to "Job Listings (Part)"
  7. To download available internship positions and necessary documents for register, please go to "Internship"