Partnering with Japanese Institutions

April 2009

The first priority in the next stage of TUJ's development is partnering with Japanese institutions. The main goals of partnering are to increase the educational and research opportunities for both students and faculty. Accomplishing this will:

  • Increase TUJ's appeal to a broader range of Japanese and non-Japanese students
  • Develop a unique model for international cooperation that will, in turn, demonstrate Temple's leadership in international education
  • Support higher education reform in Japan, especially internationalization
  • Generate broad support for TUJ that will lead to a greater ability to accomplish collateral goals such as tax relief
  • Explore the possibility of sharing facilities

One specific area of collaboration is the establishment of a program for English language and academic skills development at middle schools and high schools.

Many Japanese universities face two fundamental problems in preparing their students to study abroad: increasing their students' English language skills; and preparing students to effectively participate in academic activities in the host foreign university. The latter is especially important because intellectual skills essential for active participation in American university classrooms - such as critical thinking skills, multi-approach analytical skills, and communication skills - are generally not emphasized in Japanese middle/high schools. These skills are also necessary for students wishing to study in liberal arts-type programs offered in English at Japanese academic institutions. Japan has generally focused on providing this type of training after university entry. However, it is more practical to start such training at the middle/high school level so that students are prepared when they enter these international university programs.

TUJ has discussed utilizing our Academic English Program (AEP) to create English language and academic skills development programs with select Japanese universities that have top-ranked affiliate middle/high schools. TUJ is also planning to assist Japanese academic institutions in staff training and faculty development to equip them with the skills necessary for administering foreign language and international programs. Programs at the middle/high school level will also help TUJ to attract future students.