Improving Our Facilities

April 2009

TUJ is currently separated into three locations: Azabu Hall, Mita Hall and the Annex. These locations are designed for office-use and consist of 6,300 sq. m. of total floor space. This restricts activities and imposes a ceiling of 1500 undergraduate and graduate students (excluding corporate employees trained in Corporate Education programs), based on the assumption that we are utilizing approximately 80% of the total maximum capacity during our highest enrollment semester. To accommodate the maximum student capacity, we will increase classrooms and labs by reconfiguring our current space.

Looking to the longer term, however, acquiring a new location for TUJ is of the utmost importance both for practical operational reasons as well as issues of students' quality of life and image building for the TUJ community. The ideal location for TUJ would include the following:

  • Ownership or lease of one building designed for educational use
  • Stronger earthquake-proofing
  • A more eco-friendly building allowing us to reduce costs and decrease our carbon footprint
  • If leasing, reasonable rent and maintenance costs
  • Central Tokyo location, as central as possible

Private developers, municipal governments and educational institutions have submitted various proposals, and TUJ is now in the early stages of investigating these potential options in light of the above criteria.