Attracting More Students More Efficiently - Enrollment Management

The new enrollment management organization introduced in 2008 covers student recruiting, admissions, career development, counseling, and all other student services. This organization maximizes synergies among these areas to better serve TUJ students.

Undergraduate student recruiting

The current undergraduate program's student body is ideally constituted at a level of 50% Japanese and 50% non-Japanese. To maintain a balanced student body, both overseas and domestic recruiting strategies need to be carefully managed.

Overseas recruiting has been successful and TUJ plans to continue its momentum by:

  • Sealing articulation agreements with Community Colleges
  • Making a credit card payment option available for fees and tuitions
  • Expanding recruiting areas in the US and to Asia, Middle East, Canada, Australia, and selected European countries
  • Utilizing on-line marketing tools including search engines and Social Networking Services (SNS)

Domestic recruiting is under reassessment based on the initiatives including:

  • Upgrading recruiting activities outside Kanto area, working with English schools, and study abroad agents
  • Developing English summer programs for high schools both domestically and overseas
  • Reaching out to Japanese transfer students in the US and Japan
  • Targeting US military base schools
  • Creating more affiliation agreements with Japanese high schools
  • Utilizing on-line marketing tools including search engines and SNS

Recruiting community college students

TUJ will continue expanding its network of community college affiliates and work to enter into more transfer credit exchange agreements with U.S. community colleges.

TUJ is currently developing a unique study abroad program for U.S. community college students. As community colleges in the U.S. increasingly fund global education departments, study abroad fairs, and partnerships with international institutions, there is an increasing market in study abroad programs for second year community college students. Not only can TUJ fulfill this study abroad need, but students may be attracted to Temple based on its international presence and programs.

Recruiting for graduate and professional school programs

Over the next five years, significant efforts will be made to increase the exposure of our graduate and professional school programs. This will be achieved through an increased use of online resources and strategies. Graduate Education, MBA, and Law will look to reach more prospective students by offering seminars and symposiums; upgrading TUJ publication efforts; and developing corporate and organizational relationships. These programs will continue to seek increased exposure in the media, community outreach opportunities, academic collaborations, and speaking forums for expert resident and visiting faculty.

Career development support

Maintaining a high job placement rate is vital to TUJ's future success in both its undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. Among the initiatives being/scheduled to be implemented are:

  • Creating a job placement manual for students
  • Organizing seminars and workshops specific to certain phases of the job placement process
  • Launching a job placement email newsletter to educate students
  • Organizing individual on-campus job fairs by companies in addition to the regular group job fairs
  • Providing individual support services at off-campus job fairs
  • Inviting more industry experts to campus to advise and assist students
  • Expanding job opportunities outside of Japan and the US